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Svalbard 2017 May
The Long Honey Moon Journey

One month at the northcoast of Spitsbergen, May 2017


"Ulla Rinman" - our boat over Icefjord



on board of "Ulla Rinman" with Martin and Kristin



bad seaice in Dicksonfjord with fresh polarbear tracks



getting our stuff on ice. Extra: 400 Kg steal pipes for the trapper at Kapp Wijk



one of the two dogteams on ice



the seaice was better closer to shoreline



Kapp Wijk Trapper Stastion with 23 dogs on visit



Martin, Ingvild, Harald and Kristin, inside Kapp Wijk



the walls in the old cabin at Kapp Wijk



starting up, - under Harald's critical supervision



Icefoot in Dicksonfjord



loose snow up Narthorst Valley



camp at Raudvatn, Narthorst Valley



finally we found the "Brudeporten" through the moraine down to Alandsvatn



"Austbotnhytta", Austfjord









from the trapping season at Krosspynten



inside the Krosspynten cabin






short visit over to Austfjordnes from Krosspynten



Ingvild and Kristin back from Austfjordnes to Krosspynten



nice seaice against north in Wijdefjord



Martin and Kristin on seaice in Wijdefjord



"Smokey" in the morning



north on seaice



rest at "Midtbreen"



old timberhut at Dirksodden















finally at " Laksevågen"



the arrival to "Polheim", Mosselbukta seaice






on top of the meatrack at Polheim



Martin and Kristin arriving at Polheim






Polheim inside



victory image at Verlegenhuken, the northernmost point on Spitsbergen



happy at Verlegenhuken



back to Polheim from Verlegenhuken on Mosselhalvøya




everything is bigger in the NORTH: her a ordinary track of a female polarbear at Polheim



Kristin and Martin leaving Polheim on way south



16th May !






Arraival at "Meretebu", Lagunepynten. The northernmost cabin on Spitsbergen






on way home to Polheim






the innerpart of Mosselhalvøya



Eolusnesset, Sorgfjord









leaving Polheim going south








smoothing the sledrunners after a lot of stonedriving, Nordbreen



Wijdefjord to south









Villa Møen, Wijdefjord






up Sørbreen






Sørbreen, Wijdefjord in background






Sørbreen down



snow blizzard at Villa Møen



south of Austfjordnes, midtnightsun



the Mittag-Leffler glacier



Mittag-Leffler glacier



dogs have freetime at Mittag-Leffler glacier









leaving the northcoast over the glaciers towards Icefjord



camp at Ragnarbreen



down Ragnarbreen, Billefjord in background






waiting for a boat at Pyramiden, Billefjord





"MS Billefjord"



all 12 dogs onboard on Billefjord