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Svalbard 2017 April
Wedding at Villa Fivel


Bride and groom arriving with dogsled (foto: Margit)



Bride dealing with the dogs at arrival



Bride and groom together with the Governor at the wedding ceremony




Bride and groom in the seremony with the Sysselmannen (foto: Line)




Bride and groom in front of Villa Fivel (foto: Margit)




Bride and groom with the Sysselmann Kerstin Askhold (foto: Margit)



the rings









the crowd in front of the Villa



Hildegard telling storries



Hildegard and Marit




Marit, Ingvild and Hildegard (foto: Line)





SKÅL! (foto: Margit)



... with wine from Bremen




(foto: Line)




Marit, Hildegard and Hilde (foto: Line)



Hildegard and Ingvild



Marit and Stefan









Merete and Mexi






Line and Ingvild



Marit and Trond



it's she! :-)



Merete and Hilmar



dogsleding for the guests






the party tent



Ingvild, Merete and Mexi



Grace and the reindyr



the chiefs












the party tent





Champaine (foto: Piotr)



Party (foto: Poitr)




the day befor: my mother (soon 83 years) on her first dogsledtrip!






the days after: some trips arround: Møysalbreen






Billy, GoPro, Smokey



the days after the wedding at Villa Fivel






grilling in - 21C with the bride